Science Fiction Writer

Science fiction is a genre of story that has speculative fiction as the main storyline, which typically deals with concepts that are imaginative like technology, advanced science, time travel, technology, and it also incorporates the concepts of extraterrestrial bodies and life. Science fiction often attempts to encompass the potentials that are associated with the far most sense of the humans and it may sound like bringing enigma to the reader when it is put in a raw way, but many of the Sci-Fi (Science Fiction) stories are associated with fight that occurs in the space, time travel and many other technological and scientific concepts.

Science fiction often displays the possible consequences of the science and its growth due to the innovation. The term ‘Science Fiction' is often difficult to describe as it often has a lot of subgenres and themes. Interestingly there are some ‘once called' science fiction has become real now. This is can be true in the future, usually, Sci-Fi genres produce the groundwork for the most innovative ideas for the society and most of these stories are enchanting and time killing as the reader gets lost in the story. There are many Sci-Fi stories present in the stores that have surpassed the traditional ways.