Horror Fiction

Horror stories are a genre of the speculative fiction that is intended to have the capacity to scare, frighten, startle or disgust the viewers or the readers by adding up the feelings of terror and horror. The story or the movie's primary objective is to create a scaring and eerie atmosphere so the audience may have a different experience that is mostly mixed with fear and excitement. Horror genres are often having supernatural phenomena, though it sometimes contains non-supernatural factors. Globally, the horror genre has a lot of fans and followers. There are many authors/writers, directors and many other people working on it.

The objective of the horror genre is to make the adrenaline rush through the body of the reader or the follower, so they get a thrilling experience by that. The horror genre has a menace as the center of work and also as a metaphor for the society as it has this in a larger scale. Already there are a lot of stories and bywords used in the society, the horror genre writers are taking one of those and try to foster it. There are many horror fiction stories that have gained a huge reception.