Richard Calder

Richard Calder is a British writer, who mainly writes in the genre of science fiction. He was born in London, in the year 1956, and he continues to live there now. But previously he was living in the Philippines (1999-2002) and before that, he was living in Thailand (1990-1997). He is one of the famous writers, known for the genre of fiction, he mainly works on Horror fiction and Science fiction. There are stores that have got a lot of his works arrayed; his works are even turned into plays that are even played in the theaters. Many of his works had influenced the people and is one of the notable writers in the city of London. He has done quite a long work of writings, many of them have received a good reception from the public. Richard has been writing for more than two decades, he is writing since 1989, which was the year his first debut book has been published since then there were books being published by him and has got a good reception among the public. He is being one of the influential people in the city of London and has also gained good fan followers.


Calder has begun his works by publishing stories in the year of 1989 and the first book that has got a huge notice for the novel called Dead Girls in the year of 1992, which was written in the genre of Post-Cyberpunk. The book Dead Girls was acclaimed due to its trilogy, for this work alone he was compared to the famous writers Alfred Bester, J.G. Ballard, and William Gibson. Since the year 1992, he has done a good writing since then and there are many people who prefer his books only the genre and his way of narrating. His books are one of the fast selling books that are praised for the science fiction genre. Since the year of 1992, he has written about nine novels and also twenty short stories. One of the main themes that have been notable throughout his works is the ‘Dead' trilogy, is a gynoid having an agalmatophilia male lust, and also reveals the darker undercurrents of the culture of the British nation. His stories and novels have many links on connections of plots that often overlap between one another or together or sometimes both, which would form a mythos and brings an enigmatic curiosity to the readers.


He often refers to the Angela Carter, a famous novelist and Georges Bataille, among other writers. In August 2001, he was interviewed by a magazine called Interzone, regarding the theme of escape and his self-attempts of breaking away from, ‘the psychological and physical constraints of the cloying suburbia during his childhood'. He replied "The quest of metaphysical or the psychological homeland you mention, for my heroes and heroines where they get a place that seems to end that has also a fulfillment of apocalyptic rendering into this had happened in the time of where he was trying to write a new novel of that resembles in the genre. But the people seem to discover something more important than the aspects of the storyline, which often never fails to bring a mind-blowing transformation. The books published by Richard Calder has gained a good reception among the public, during the year of 2004 the book Dead Girl was considered by an Australian movie production company to make it as a movie, to where Richard Calder was first page to ask us to undergo a screenplay. Later, however, the movie didn't get materialized as he got the idea of re-imagine the entire book as a graphical novel.


The book was published in the year of 2014, and it was illustrated by a Filipino artist named Leonardo M Giron, who was then introduced to Richard Calder by Terry Martin who was the editor of the magazine name Murky Depths. The graphic novel was serialized originally in the Murky Depths.

Here is a list that contains the entire bibliography of Richard Calder.

  • Dead Girls (1993).
  • Dead Biys (1994).
  • Dead Things (1996).
  • Cythera (1998)
  • Frenzetta (1998)
  • The Twist (1999)
  • Malignos (2000)
  • Impakto (2001)
  • Lord Soho (Earthlight)(2002). This is based on a time opera that have plots of many opera, including the Turandot, The Figaro, and La Traviata's marriage. The book is a series of novels that are linked together, which was originally appeared in the blogging platform for magazine Interzone.
  • Babylon (2005).
  • Dead Girls, Act 1 (2011). This was an act directed by Calder, Richard, and Giron, Leonardo M (201).
  • Dead Girls, the Graphic Novel (2014) by Richard Calder and Leonardo M Giron.
  • These are the books written by Richard Calder till now, and many of the books have gained a good reception.
  • Apart from the novels, Calder is known for writing short stories too, there are a lot of short stories that are published by the many companies. Some of them have gained famous instantly among the readers. Various ranking agencies and channels have ranked and left with remarks of mixed opinions for the books, some stated that some of the books are enchanting and others are quite good. As Calder's primary genre is fiction, many of the playmakers and moviemakers are approaching and thinking about to shoot it as a full-time movie in order to project the ideas that he has written.